Taliban Mentality: No Paper Trail

I was serving a customer in my restaurant, a customer is from Pakistan origin. His name is Anwar  (Not real name). While waiting for an order Anwar started to have a conversation. Anwar was discussing his immigration issues and delays in getting a visa to migrate from Pakistan for a partner. To comfort him I shared my NCAT experience, that there might be a delay but justice will be served.

He said “Is your opponent Indian?”

For the purpose of writing this blog, I call my opponent Mr. K.

I was very reluctant to say that Mr. K is from Pakistan as these are sensitive political topics and it’s quite easy to offend a customer and I have many customers and friends from Pakistan. So I try to circumvent the topic. But when Anwar insisted then I told him that Mr. K is from Pakistan. Anwar expressed his disappointment and feel sorry for the reason that a person from his country become the cause of pain for us.

When he learned about my dispute that I paid to Mr. K $1 million in cash and Mr. K is now denying it and further Mr. K was removed from rooty hill Islamic council association by association members.

Even supreme court Justice J rein said “that the Association’s financial records were a “shambles” and it was not possible from them to determine who were financial members and who were not (paras 32, 36);

There is a lot of donation they received from Saudi Arab during the construction of the rooty hill mosque.

He quickly interrupted me and said, “He is the Taliban mentality. That’s what they do. Saudi Arab is the channel from where the Taliban send money to offshore channels. Taliban has a lot of money. There is nothing to invest in Afghanistan. So they use these groups in western countries who facilitate investment in western countries and facilitate drug trade. These groups members can be lawyers, doctors, accountants, pilots, police officer etc. They exchange money in hands. They do not use SMS, emails or any other written form of communication. They deal face to face. They present themselves as very religious and innocent. Taliban is a mindset, people thinks its an organization but it’s not”.

I don’t know about Mr. K being possessing a Taliban mentality. But over 10 years he did transact majority of the transactions face to face in cash over a million dollars. He hardly uses email or SMS. No paper trail despite having son and daughter practicing solicitor.  Mr. K’s Son works in reputed law firm Lindsay Taylor Lawyers and Mr. K’s daughter work as a lawyer in reputed law firm Zahr Lawyers in Rockdale. Zahr Lawyer is high profile law firms engaged in some of the high profile cases in Sydney such as Curtis Cheng Murder Case.

Anwar warned me to be careful because Mr. K can be dangerous. Its a dangerous world these days……….

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