Tribunal blind love for landlords

On 19 April 2018 Member Levingston ruled that residential agreement exists between Fobupu Pty Ltd and Gurjit Singh despite there has been no evidence filed by the landlord. This followed by Deputy President Westgarth and Senior Member Charles upheld that decision of Member Levingston upon appeal in appeal panel. That decision is now in pending appeal in Supreme Court of NSW.  Ms. Shontay Connolly represented the landlord from Real Home Realty Penrith

On 26 March 2019 Tribunal finally woke up from a deep sleep and paid attention to the fact that there is no evidence that residential agreement exist forwarded by landlord again in eviction under “No Grounds”.  Mr. Omid Jolan represented the landlord from Real Home Realty Penrith.

This tribunal has dealt the number of application from landlord over the year in residential tribunal without any evidence being sought that there has been a residential agreement between the parties. This is scandalous conduct which tribunal refuse to investigate.

Tenant always maintained that the residential tenancy act does not have jurisdiction to hear the matter.


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